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We are raising and selling 100% grass fed beef. Our cattle are only fed grass and hay. At no time are antibiotics or hormones used on our animals. Please call or message if you are interested in any of the beef cuts that we offer.

Our Belief: Pasture to Plate​

The right mixture of genetics and forage

There are many factors that make up the flavor of delicious grass fed beef.  Our breed of cattle was chosen with this in mind. Our herd is made up of Red Angus cross cattle.  Their genetics have been selected for many years to finish on grass. These cattle will mature out to weigh 1100 to 1250 lbs.  We feel we have the perfect cow to make the best 100% Grass Fed Beef there is.

The forage our cattle feed on is also chosen with the final product in mind, delicious tasting beef.  They never receive grain, animal by-products, antibiotics or growth-promotants. If an animal requires antibiotics, it is removed from our program and sold conventionally.  

We are very excited to be sharing our journey with you. Please feel free to contact us or stop by to purchase our 100% Grass-Fed Beef.  Give us a try, you will not be disappointed!